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Petanque is both a fun social activity and a competitive sport. It can be played in the backyard, a park, and competitively up to world championship level.

It is a game for everyone, where grandparents, parents and children can play on equal terms, as neither age, gender nor ability matter.

All that is required is area of firm ground, a set of metal balls, called BOULES, a jack, called a COCHONNET and most importantly a sense of fun.


Began as a small group of people playing Petanque at various locations around  Hobart in the mid 90's and was officially formed on 8th September 1996.

In 1998 worked with the Hobart City Council to secure the use of a small area (20m x 20m) at Long Beach which previously been used for wood chopping events at the Sandy Bay Regatta.

Received a small grant from Sport and Recreation to construct a gravel area.

Club numbers grew through "word of mouth" and general interest from the public as the piste is in a public  area.

In 2005 extended the piste to 50m x 20m. The club raised $2000, we received a  grant of $4999 from Sport And Recreation and $3000 was given by Hobart City Council.

The extended piste has three different playing surfaces, fine gravel, thick fine bluestone and large pebbles.

Singles Champions

1997 L Higginbotham, 1998 P Rose, 1999 G McDowall, 2000 P Rose, 2001 R Manning, 2002 G McDowall, 2003 D Ward

2004 R Manning, 2005 G McDowall, 2006 T Dando, 2007 T Dando, 2008 T Dando, 2009 G McDowall, 2010 G McIntosh

2011 T Dando,  2012 P Rose, 2013 R Randria, 2014 R Manning

Doubles Champions

2007  R Manning, G McIntosh - 2008 R Randria, R Gillie - 2009 T Dando, L Prior - 2010 P Rose, G McDowall

2011 H James, P De Roeck - 2012 E Hartill, R Randria - 2013 E Hartill, R Randria

Triples Champions

2012 R Manning, R Randria, G McIntosh

2013 M Raspin, T Koppen, G Steenbergen

2014 R Manning, M Raspin, P Jolley

               Men's Singles Champion  
                                                                Ladies Singles Champion                                            
                                   2011 T Dando, 2012
T Dando, 2013 B Hall                                 2011, D Brain , 2012 M Raspin, 2013 J Norton                                                       2014, R Randria, 2015 Peter Hiller                                  2014 Valerie Logan, 2015 Judy Whiteaker                                    

Office Bearers

Financial Year           President                   Secretary

    1996/97                  Peter Rose                Treica Shore

                      1997/98                  Peter Rose                Trecia Shore                 

      1998/99                  Peter Rose                Treicia Shore

       1999/00                  Peter Rose               Treicia Shore 

    2000/01                 Russell Manning         Peter Rose

    2001/02                 Russell Manning         Peter Rose

    2002/03                 Russell Manning         Peter Rose

           2003/04                 Russell Manning         Peter Rose       

             2004/05                 Russell Manning         Deborah Brain    

        2005/06                Russell Manning         Deborah Brain

        2006/07                Terry Dando              Dereck Jones 

 2007/08                Terry Dando               Leo Prior

     2008/09                Peter Rose                 Brian Cullen

  2009/10                Peter Rose                  Leo Prior

  2010/11               Terry Dando                Leo Prior

 2011/12               Terry Dando                Leo Prior

           2012/13               Judy Whiteaker            Russell Manning

        2013/14               Judy Whiteaker             Sharyn Copp

         2014/15                Gary McIntosh             Sharyn Copp

         2015/16                Gary McIntosh             Sharyn Copp


Initial membership was 8-10 people playing social boules.

The club was incorporated in early 2000.

Membership was 18 in 2002. It has steadily grown to 59 in 2013/2014.

The age range is mostly 50+ and the gender distribution is equal.


The club's Tournament Director, assisted by club members has run three Adult Education courses during the past five years. These have been very successful and are              always fully booked. We have recruited members from these courses.

Hobart Petanque Club also promotes petanque by hosting visits from other sporting groups, wheelchair athletes, Alliance Francais and having "bring a friend day".

We also participate in events run by the Hobart city Council which "showcase" outdoor activities.

The club has a "gala" showcase day on Australia Day as part of the Sandy Bay Regatta.


The club maintains a close relationship with the Hobart City Council and their Parks' Officers. We take responsibility  for keeping the playing area in good condition.We have regular working bees of club members.

Hobart petanque Club Inc is registered with Petanque Federation Australia. A team(s) from the club participates in the annual Interstate Championship. Club members regularly participate in other mainland competitions such as the Easter Triples, Weird Entertainers Masters Doubles.

In 2010 the Over 60's team came third in the Interstate Challenge and two of our members have been in the Australian Team to play against New Zealand in the Trans Tasman Challenge (2010/2011).

The club caters for all ages and abilities. As a low impact sport it is ideal for those with limited mobility.

Our members range from those who just want to participate socially to those who wish to be part of the Australia wide petanque fraternity.